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Buti Yoga is a fusion of primal movement, tribal dance and plyometrics blended into a calorie scorching yoga practice. This style of yoga uses Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles which stabilize the body. This practice is transformational from the inside out! All levels welcome. Bring a mat + water. The Buti Yoga movement lets you become completely present, and clears away stuck energy to revitalize the body.

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Struggling with a certain trick or just looking to add gains? Our gravity defying strength classes can help with both. Specifically structured for those looking to tone or develop muscles needed to aid in your pole fitness journey. You will work with a multitude of equipment, including poles, stall bars, chin-up bar, rings, resistance bands and more.

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Bring your Pleasers and thigh highs for this sexy dance class. Learn how to strut your stuff while getting your workout on.

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What is pole fitness? A sexy fun way to strengthen your body while creating athleticism through creativity, body motion and artistry. Need a new work out routine? Pole fitness is a fun way to get your sweat on before realizing you’re working out. Our pole fitness classes are fun, sweaty but most importantly empowering. Aura Fitness embraces all body types, so come strengthen your sass while working your butt!

Never done pole dance before? Heres what you need to know!

Clothing: When starting out, layering is your best option. Pants that can roll to above the knee or wearing shorts underneath is ideal, with a tight fitting shirt.

Selfies: We’re so excited that you’re learning new things! We want you to tell the world about it! In the last 10 minutes of class make sure you tag us so we can repost your success! We also want to tell the world about you!

How to move up: Our studio has a test system, so if you’ve never done pole before but think you have what it takes to move up sooner, ask your instructor to asses you!

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Some people love it, most people hate it, but everyone should to do it! In our Flexibility class we work to attain both active and passive flexibility for legs, hips, back and shoulders.

In our Stretching class we work more passive flexibility as a cool down at the end of your workout night.

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Work on your floor flow in this floor werk class. Nail down technical components and improve your ability to move smooth. Knee pads, tight pants (or shorts) and long socks are encouraged in this class. Anything that will make your floor werk class more comfortable so you can focus on killing the chore is an asset!

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Never done Pole before but want to try with other first timers? The Pole Platter class is where you wanna be! In one hour you will cover warm up, some basic pole skills, sassy dancing and chair before your cool down.

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Get a gentile warm up or focus your body in this yoga type class. A great way to start your work out night at Aura Fitness.

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Got a special someone in mind? Want to impress friends? Feel like getting drunk and doing amateur night at the strip club? Our chair fit classes are definitely a fun sexy way to get your groove on. Whether you’re dancing for that special someone or trying to be Beyonce alone in your room, chair fit classes are an awesome way to twerk that booty till it burns.

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Need a place to destress with the little one? Need a place to meet other moms? Want to also get a work out in? We have extra hands and toys to help you with your little one (no age limit required).

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Learn to how to break down your body to gain the strength for impressive handstands. Learn new ways to build the endurance and confidence needed to hold your handstands anywhere.

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